“'Deanna Ransom's voice has that divine glow so many Christian singers try to emulate without quite making it - 'You Reign' is well conceived and melodically adept.'”
- The Akademia Organization, Akademia Group

"She's a new kind of Christian/gospel artist - thoughtful, multi-talented and confident. With her debut radio single ‘The Real Me’ running up the charts, Deanna Ransom is in a unique position to re-define the genre."
- Lauren, Marquix Global Network

"'The Real Me' is a stunning EP built on devout themes; sometimes epic, elsewise sensitive, but always elevated by constantly arresting vocal prowess.'"
- The Akademia Organization, Akademia Group

"Songstress Deanna Ransom hits “You Reign” out of the park."
- Bob Marovich, Journal of Gospel Music (Aug 24, 2018)

"The floodgates are going to open for Deanna Ransom"
- Christina Lockett, A Message of Hope

"There are just some people who when you meet them, you get an immediate connection. That happened to me when I met Deanna Ransom. Deanna’s heart for following God’s purpose for her life is evident in her songs and her testimony, and I believe that when you hear from her… you’ll feel that connection as well"
- Randi Myles, Detroit Praise Network

“Who can dispute the unmeasurable talent and gifting of this artist who’s heart is made of gold. Never Say Never Again CD is simply a great project. If you enjoy really good contemporary gospel music this album in for you. What I find most refreshing is that there is a very clear message of healing and deliverance in each song. Whether its up-tempo in beat or mello jazzy in sound THE MESSAGE Of JESUS CHRIST IS THERE! Some complain that the R&B sounding gospel songs don’t deliver what their soul desires when they need to be ministered to in a deeper way. I will agree with some critics that some of the projects out with the R&B sound do not get the job done. I assure you Never Say Never Again is definitely one of the acceptions. You will definitely want this project in your collection!”
- Humilitee, Gospel Fruits

“Four of Five Stars for Deanna Ransom's release Never Say Never...Again with high recommendation for the single "I Am Healed".”
- Bob Marovich, Black Gospel Blog

“Another fine example of Ransom’s improvisational skills can be heard on the traditional-flavored “See You Through.” The joyous single, “Song of Salvation,” is also proof positive of Ransom’s adept way with a melody. The musicians lend a smooth and relaxed foundation to the songs, even lending Caribbean beats to “Mercy and Kindness.” Dance-floor rhythms propel “Make a Way” and a floor-shaking bass underpins “Love 2 Love You,” which teasingly interpolates the hypnotic main lyric of the similarly-titled Donna Summer song. Four of Five Stars gPod Picks: “Song of Salvation,” “See You Through.””
- Bob Marovich, Black Gospel Blog

“Award winning gospel jazz-styled artist Deanna Ransom is featured this month on the cover of I AM Magazine, a quarterly gospel music industry publication. The feature discusses all areas of Ransom’s musical career including her personal trials and triumphs as well as the success of “I Hear You”, her sophomore project on TOC Records.”
- EJAZZ News

"God has gifted this Young Lady with the Ability to Change Lives simply by sharing His love for them through Song! I stood in Amazement as God used her to sing until the power of the Lord came rushing down to encamp around his people causing us to forget about ourselves and focus on His Love!"
- Battalion Chaplain Jody Harlow, US Army Chaplain - Fort Bragg, NC

"Certainly we were blessed to witness such an Anointed Vessel being used by The Most High God! I'm sure that everyone in Alabama that heard the Music Ministry of Deanna Ransom was moved to praise God for his many blessings.
- Pastor Eric Griffin, Mount Olive Baptist Church - Abbeville, Alabama

"How we enjoyed the service with Evangelist Ransom here in Junction City Kansas! Not only did she sing under The Anointing, there was a message in her music. We are praying that God will continue to use her where ever she may go."
- Pastor James Johnson, New Church of the Living God - Junction City, KS (Jul 07, 2011)

“Four of Five Stars On her latest project, I Hear You, Ransom demonstrates her artistic versatility by singing, writing, arranging, co-producing, and even contributing some of her own background vocals (with other female support). Another fine example of Ransom’s improvisational skills can be heard on the traditional-flavored “See You Through.” The joyous single, “Song of Salvation,” is also proof positive of Ransom’s adept way with a melody.”
- Bob Marovich, The Black Gospel Blog

“This CD will move you to action in your walk with God. Gospel music that touch your Heart and moves you to read the Word of God.”
- Howcee Productions, Productions Inc Radio Playlist "Total Gospel Psalms"

“Ms. Ransom has caught on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch her burn!!!”
- Keith Brown, Keith Brown the Motivator

“Gorgeous and moving. It will bring a tear to your eye. Absolutely thrilling and perfectly polished r&b contemporary gospel with melting female vocals that will fill your body with "ahhhhh"s. For fans of Yolanda Adams, and Karen Clark-Sheard or for those who are simply looking for electrifying, lyrically and melodically-creamy gospel that uplifts, inspires, soothes and is easy to relate to, this is the perfect new addition to your CD collection. Gorgeous and moving. It will bring a tear to your eye. ”
- Reviewer: Tamara Turner, CD Baby, CDbaby

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