Make a Difference

Life is beautiful…but can be challenging. I know firsthand. That’s why I had to make this personal appeal to you. Yes, I hijacked a page on my own website so I can talk with you and see what we can do together toward making a difference.

Yes, there’s the singing, speaking and such, but real talk; we must take action too. I’m not one of those folks who just talk about it. I must be about making impact and change. My passion for music and family is equaled by my need to do good in this world and help others when I can.

So, you probably want to know what I’m asking for, right? Yes, there’s an ask. I’m straight up asking you to do something that will take little effort but make a great difference.

Domestic Violence

Violence by definition is hurtful, damaging and destructive. No matter where you see it, hear it or experience it – there is unnatural pain. But to experience it in your own home or family is despicable. I stand real firm against domestic violence and I hope you do, too. So take a stand with me against domestic violence by:

  • Finding out why this has to stop – check out the video series -
  • Giving to my domestic violence initiative that I have in partnership with Women Against Abuse. These donations go directly to Women Against Abuse and make a tremendous impact toward helping families escape the violence, recover and move forward. Use this link to give and please do it today:

End the School-to-Prison Pipeline

There have always been systems of injustice in our world. It’s not new. However, as there have been many atrocities and incredibly inhumane systems in our world, I must say the School-to-Prison pipeline is particularly reprehensible. We ALL send our children to school for an education that we hope will lead them into better opportunities and understanding in our world. Instead, in cases of minorities and other disenfranchised people, you find another system silently at work potentially pushing your children into a for profit prison system. Still? In 2018? For real!? No, let’s stand together against this by:


Child sex trafficking, gender-based violence in the U.S. and more – how do we allow this to continue? Let’s just not. Our little girls and young ladies are not for sale and deserve better. Not only that, we just need to do better. I can’t, I mean I really can’t imagine why we allow this to continue. And believe me, I get that as long as there are sick proclivities in this world crimes against humanity will exist. However, those of us willing and able to stand, give voice and aid to put an end to modern day slavery and all of the pain that comes with it, let’s take this stand together by:

#TeamDeannaRansom Support

Let's keep it absolutely 100, it costs to do this music thing. Beyond the music, I’m reaching to make a real impact on this world, but I absolutely can’t without your help. I can imagine ya’ll thinking, girl what else do you want? Here’s the ask:

  • If you haven’t visited the #TeamDeannaRansom page, please do and join the team – we make beautiful music, change the world and we do it together. I promise you that you will not regret it.
  • Buy the music. Not just for yourself, but to share it with others and I do not mean you buy it and share the MP3 with your friends, lol. No seriously, buy my music. Visit the Get Music (hyperlink the words Get Music to the Get Music page when live) page and get that music, all of it!

Let’s make a difference – let’s go!

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