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On a mission to spread the love of God through song. Her two projects, Never Say Never and I Hear You, were filled with heavenly melodies sung from a woman with a deep passion for God. With her most recent win as the 2013 Rhythm of Gospel Awards Artist Of  The Year and her recent appearance on The 700 Club, BET Network’s Bobby Jones Gospel, TBN Praise the Lord, and Cornerstone Television Network, Ransom is moving forward with no holds barred!  The 2012 Gospel Announcers Guild Chairmen’s Choice, Rhythm of Gospel Award Video of the Year Award and EN SOUND Music Awards Best Urban Artist Female winner also won the 2011 Rhythm of Gospel Award for Song of the Year, “Mercy & Kindness” and fuses popular genres like soul, jazz and R&B with gospel presenting a medley of inspiration with a unique flair that’s all her own.   Click Here for More 2014 | Design: